Linen Fabric is Versatile Curtain Fabric for Your Home

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Linen fabric is versatile curtain fabric for your home. There is nothing more perfect as a window dressing than beautiful natural linen fabric. linen curtains are suitable for every room in your home all year round. There is nothing like a like gauzy linen curtain blowing in a summer breeze. On the other hand, there is no other curtain that can so easily becomes an integral part of your winter holiday decorating theme.

Linen fabric curtains come in a variety of weights, so there is sure to be exactly the right one for your window dressing. Linen can be as formal as you like or as casual. A tailored style will fit the formal or a loose and flowing curtain will give you the casual look. Linen curtains also look just as good no matter if they are short kitchen curtains or a floor length drapery in the living area.

Linen is made from flax which is a plant that regrows each year. It is green, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. Even though it is a lighter weight fabric than some drapery materials, it does have natural insulating properties. At the same time, it is also breathable and absorbs humidity. Linen fabrics are washable, extending their life far beyond what you expect from most window dressing materials. Green, environmentally friendly curtains; now that is a pretty good recommendation for a green product!

Linen fabric curtains could also be said to be good for your health. As a plant material, they have characteristics that cause them to be antibacterial and antimicrobial. They are also anti-fungal and resist the growth of mold. Natural linen is also hypoallergenic since dust and dirt do not sick to them as badly as some materials.

Linen can be dyed, stamped, embroidered and otherwise decorated as your mood or the season demands. When hung, linen fabric curtains have a flowing and graceful drape that puts most curtain fabrics to shame. They can be ironed or not, it just depends on what type of room you will be using them in. Linen withstands the heat of the iron and of the clothes dryer admirable. Linen fabric curtains are so durable that you will find yourself seldom needing to replace them.

Linen curtains can be paired with a modern style décor, just as easily as a Victorian era décor. Linen fabrics have been used for so many thousands of years because they complement any style and any color scheme that you can imagine. The versatility of linen will surprise and delight you, especially once you see the results hanging from your own windows.

With all of the advantages of linen curtains, why not use them throughout your home. They are so versatile that no other curtain fabric can do all of the things that linen can do. They are eco-friendly, healthy, natural, green, easy care, adaptable and beautiful; what more could you ask for in a curtain fabric? Linen really is the best choice for any window in your home, or anywhere else that looks like it needs a curtain.


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Linen Fabric is Versatile Curtain Fabric for Your Home

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Linen Fabric is Versatile Curtain Fabric for Your Home

This article was published on 2011/12/19